Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Completing the new Emergency Preparedness Plan (EP) for your home care agency is not an easy task and the time to finish is now. Caution should be used in preparation. Begin with QIRT's checklist.

Emergency Preparedness Reqs Begin November 15

A number of months ago, CMS released the Interpretive Guidelines on Emergency Preparedness for all providers.  Many have not heeded the warning and we are now at the 11th hour. Your agency must have all plans in place and all drills completed by November 15, 2017. If you have not begun the process, you are not... Continue Reading →

Free Webinar Series: HHGM – Paradigm Shift In Interpretation of Patient Care

QIRT is sponsoring a webinar series on The Home Health Groupings Model (HHGM) with Elevating HOME. Join us! November 2, 1 pm EST Coding in HHGM - PART I Playing a New Game by Getting Back to Basics  The Home Health Groupings Model (HHGM) will go into effect January 2019, bringing with it some of... Continue Reading →

Regulatory Update: Targeted Probe and Educate Starts Now.

Targeted agencies receive 20-40 audits. Agencies with moderate to high error rates will continue on to the second round of 20-40 charts, and then a third.

Agency Action Alert – Targeted Probe and Educate Now Underway

Phase three of CMS’s probe and educate is underway. The first wave of letters is in the mail. Your agency will be in this first round if you failed to respond to previous ADR requests, if you had two or more denials, if you were offered education but did not participate, or if your agency... Continue Reading →

Are you prepared for CMS’ Targeted Probe and Educate Reviews? Did you know that starting this fall you could be sent ADR requests for 20 – 40 claims?

Prepare for CMS Probe and Educate's additional ADR requests this fall. Is your home care agency on the list?

The Great 8 – Your Agency Steps to the CoP Transition Solution.

  Direct the change. Assign a transition leader, such as the administrator, a compliance officer, or a quality assurance manager, to be the change agent. Use the tools at hand. Talk to your EMR vendor right away to discover what is being done to aid compliance. Is quality assessment and performance improvement (QAPI) information being... Continue Reading →

Time is on My Side: Getting Ready for the CoP Challenge

On Friday, CMS announced a delay in the new Home Health Conditions of Participation (CoP) until January 2018. That should come as no surprise to anyone since, as of today, we have no interpretive guidelines and surveyors have not been trained regarding the new Rule.  Just like in that Rolling Stones song “Time is on... Continue Reading →

Pre-Claim Review (PCR) – Be Careful What You Wish For

That was close, Florida. Literally hours before implementation, Florida home care agencies received the news they were hoping for.  A long-awaited hold has been placed on pre-claim reviews (PCRs) in Florida and a pause has occurred in the state of Illinois. After months of laboring with a poorly prepared Palmetto in Illinois, agencies in that... Continue Reading →

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